Essential Kitchen Tips

When it comes to restaurant or kitchen supplies, some things are essential to being successful with your cooking strategy. Whether you are a personal chef or simply cooking from your home, there are things as simple as restaurant flatware that you will need to make preparing and eating your food as enticing as possible.

Refrigerating Your Food

Refrigerating Your Food

One of the most important items that every kitchen should have is a place to refrigerate food. In a home kitchen a duel refrigerator will suffice, but in a restaurant setting, you will need a larger refrigerating system. The ideal item for this purpose is the refrigerated chef base. Usually made of durable, stainless steel, this piece of equipment can serve many purposes around your kitchen. It provides convenient storage for foods that need to be refrigerated and the base usually has a spacious table top setting for preparation. The chef base comes in a variety of sizes, and for easy mobility, most are equipped with wheels.

Choosing a Dish-washing Option

It there is food there are dishes. If there are dishes, you will need a dishwasher. Depending on your needs, there are a variety of dishwasher options. For a larger establishment, some machines function like an assembly line. You load the dishes into racks, and there is a belt that runs the dishes through the basic stages, the wash cycle, the rinse, and some even blow dry the dishes as they exit. This machine will keep your operation going smoothly and let’s face it, washing dishes by hand would be life efficient when you could be applying that time to doing more important things to please your customers.

Commercial Ice Machine

Ice Machines are Vital in the Restaurant Business

One of the necessities of a restaurant is the ice machine. These stainless steel pieces of equipment are useful in many ways. They are perfect for a bar setting, or you can use them for the non-alcoholic beverages as well. Cleanliness is a top priority when looking for an ice machine. One of the best machines to eliminate this concern is the sanitary ice dispenser. These devices are important because there is no contact with used glasses or cups. Many of these dispensers have features that help to prevent cross contamination, and some even filter out impurities ever few hours. A bonus to most of these machines is that they also have a water dispenser.