What Really are Terpenes?

You’ve heard about them and read about them. But what are they truly are?  

What are Terpenes? 

First things first. Terpenes are compounds which are organic in nature found in certain plants or excretions from insects. They often have a sharp and potent smell that is useful for self-defense. If you have tried smelling cannabis, sage, or rosemary, you are smelling their terpenes. 

Terpenes are commonly known as the fragrant molecules in a plant or extract that give them their characteristic smell like citrusy, floral, earthy, musky, etc. Their effect is like smelling the whole field of lavender, smelling the essential oils from your diffusers or the spa, or smoking marijuana. So how are terpenes healthy for you? 

Terpenes and Their Uses 

Like essential oils and aromatherapy, breathing in the aroma of specific terpenes in nature has been related to a lift in mood and emotional health. Lavender, for example, has a calming effect due to its terpene, linalool, which has a floral and sweet quality. Citrus fruits have terpene limonene which is known to elevate mood. Pines and sage both have the terpene pinene which is recognized to help in mental alertness and memory retention. These scents are actually oils that release a fragrance which is therapeutic. At their natural self, these terpenes release a fragrance even when they are unaltered. If they are processed under combustion, they release a stronger fragrance. Latest research has shown that smelling a field filled with terpene-containing plants combats inflammation, tumors, and neurologic disorders. 

Terpenes and Cannabis 

Terpenes have been observed to be the foundation of the structure and composition of plants such as hormones, sterols, and even cannabinoids. Most remarkably, terpenes are in charge of the good, or not all that lovely, fragrances of cannabis and the physiological impacts related to them.  

There are different strains of cannabis. It has been considered that terpenes that exist in the different strains of cannabis improve the impact of cannabinoids like CBD and THC. The idea is simple one makes the other work better. Numerous cannabinoids joined with various terpenes results to improved therapeutic outcomes over the cannabinoids alone. But in spite of the fact that this is a generally acknowledged thought, it’s to a great extent hypothetical, in view of proof that cannabinoids have their own effects, thus do terpenes.  

Be that as it may, some organizations are reducing a portion of this concern by matching a terpene mix with integral cannabinoids in the lab to make focused cannabis formulations. For example, the terpene naturally found in a plant is blended to contain greater concentrations compared to the extraction from a single plant. All things considered, this will make the therapeutic effects of the terpenes much more noticeable due to the fact that it’s been made to be concentrated than the regular terpene. But blending terpenes to high concentrations will depend on where or how the terpene will be used such as for pain alleviation, relaxation, or elevation of mood.  

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